How Much Vaccines Major Countries Will Have at the End of the Year Announced


Developed countries, looking forward to ending the pandemic immediately and thus returning to the old life, order twice as many vaccines as they need. That’s why experts say these countries will have 1.2 billion surplus vaccines by the end of the year. Aid agencies are calling for increased vaccines to be given to less developed countries.

After the onset of the pandemic with vaccines easing restrictions, tourism and trade It causes disruption of business in almost every field, especially in the first place. While this situation deeply affects the economy of every country, vaccination studies are continued at full speed in order to return life to the past and completely end the pandemic.

At this point, many developed countries twice as much as needed ordering the vaccine. This move, which is normally made to ensure the work, will be done at the end of the year according to the analyzes made. 1.2 billion surplus vaccines will remain pointing out. Many charities are calling for these vaccines to be given to countries in distress – after 80 percent of the population over the age of 12 has been vaccinated.

In developed countries, 57 percent of the population received at least 1 dose of vaccine by 30 August. In underdeveloped countries, this rate is 2 percent.


The United Nations, by 30 August, the population in developed countries. 57 percent of He said he had at least 1 dose of vaccine. When looking at low-income countries, this rate is only 2 percent appears as.

While this crisis in the field of health weakened the economy of even developed countries, in countries with already low incomes. more destructive shows an effect. Because these countries were in a difficult situation even before the pandemic, the downward-moving vaccination chart is for these countries. to more difficult days We can point out.


The situation of these low-income countries is not new. Before world Health OrganizationIn order to ensure fair sharing of Covid-19 vaccines, Covax announced the global plan. Low-income countries, which are dependent on this program, which aims to ensure equal access to vaccines regardless of income level, unfortunately did not benefit enough.


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Within the scope of this program, which aims to distribute 2 billion doses of vaccine by the end of 2021, this number will be reached by 30 August. only 11 percent could be distributed.

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