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When it comes to the customer experience when shipping, retailers sometimes invest too much energy in things that are of little relevance to the customer. On the other hand, they ignore needs on which consumers make their purchasing decisions. These are the most important results of the parcelLab consumer study “E-commerce from the customer’s point of view“. In cooperation with YouGov, the provider of operations experience solutions has more than 2,000 online users according to their needs Shopping and shipping experience asked and with the results of the “E-Commerce Shipping Study 2020“, For which the logistics services of the 100 largest online retailers in Germany were analyzed.

Customer experience when shipping: Long-running shipping costs

The biggest dilemma is still the shipping costs: while over a third of customers generally expect free shipping, only a fifth of the 100 largest German online retailers are willing to pay the shipping costs in full. Even with their customer loyalty programs, retailers do not offer free shipping as a promise of benefits. 59 percent of online customers would join a customer loyalty program if their online orders were sent free of charge. But only ten of the 34 largest online shops that even offer customer loyalty programs offer this advantage.

There is also a big difference between desire and reality when choosing a logistics company. Here 71 percent of customers would like freedom of choice. But not even 19 dealers meet this request. Even with the Delivery services customers want more flexibility than dealers offer them. 50 percent of customers would also pick up parcels at the post office. But only 41 of the 100 largest online shops in Germany offer post offices. Instead, retailers focus more on Click & Collect than is of interest to customers. 33 retailers in the test offer the service, but only 28 percent of customers would like to take advantage of the offer.

Express shipping is interesting, but too expensive

It is also interesting that customers are more interested in express delivery than is often assumed. Every second customer might use this, but only every fourth retailer offers this. There is also disagreement about how much express shipping should cost. The majority of customers would pay a maximum of 5 euros for it, but dealers who offer express delivery charge an average of 9.63 euros and thus almost twice as much as the customers would pay.

When it comes to returns handling, it becomes clear that every second customer is happy when a return label is enclosed with their package. However, this is only the case with packages from 40 of the 100 largest online retailers. Customers would also like the shipping communication to be more closely meshed: 45 percent of online customers would like to be informed about a successful delivery. But only 18 dealers in the test actually comply with this request.

Customer Experience: Shipping Package Requirements

In contrast, the survey shows that retailers are overshooting the target when it comes to package design. 47 of the 100 largest retailers make the effort to individually print their shipping boxes. Customers tend to expect the shipping packaging to be environmentally friendly and recyclable. You can only impress four percent of customers with logos on the box.

parcellab Anton Eder
Anton Eder is one of the three founders of parcelLab. (Image: parcelLab)

“When it comes to operations experience, most retailers still have room for improvement. But before you optimize, you should know what your customers want. Our study provides surprising and therefore all the more valuable insight. ”

Anton Eder, co-founder of parcelLab

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