How SportSpar was able to increase productivity by 500 percent – eCommerce magazine


SportSpar GmbH has chosen the warehouse logistics solution pixi WMS from Descartes Systems (Germany) GmbH, a provider of software for order processing in e-commerce. This enabled the fashion retailer to increase shipping processing productivity by 500 percent. Thanks to the special scalability of pixi, SportSpar GmbH was also able to expand its range and thus continue to pursue the growth strategy.

Dispatch processing: “Introduction of pixi WMS was the best decision”

“We mainly sell remaining stock and previous year’s collections from well-known brands and have successfully positioned ourselves in a niche with this business model,” explains Aleksandr Borisenko, one of the two founders and managing directors of SportSpar GmbH. “We noticed early on that our manual, inefficient processes were limiting our growth. Introducing the pixi warehouse management system was the best decision for the company. The processes in pixi WMS work well, are uncomplicated and you can expand the range at will. And our international expansion, which we want to continue driving forward in the future, is made easier because we can flexibly connect special payment providers etc. via the pixi API. Since the first day with the system, we have scaled, bought more products and shipped a lot more. ”

Dispatch processing: from incoming orders to returns management

pixi automates all e-commerce processes from incoming orders to shipping and returns management. The solution is used by hundreds of online retailers, direct-to-consumer brands and fulfillment providers worldwide and enables them to improve their processes in order to cope with the growing e-commerce demand. Pixi WMS ensures that its customers can ship quickly and on time, do not send the wrong items, avoid over-sales and always offer complete transparency over all shipping processes. The system accepts orders from online shops and marketplaces, translates them into a barcode-supported incoming goods and picking process in the warehouse, initiates shipping to the end customer and synchronizes all incoming orders and shipping information with the online retailer’s financial and shipment tracking systems.

“We are very pleased that we have been supporting in successful corporate development for many years,” reports Dirk Haschke, VP & General Manager, E-Commerce at Descartes. “Our solution offers flexibly scalable processes that take the dealers’ warehouse logistics to the next level. The use of Descartes pixi at SportSpar GmbH is a good example of how system-based, automated order processing enables e-commerce companies to achieve sustainable, long-term growth. ”

Shipping processing Descartes pixi relies on Descartes pixi WMS for shipping. (Image: Descartes)

SportSpar GmbH: e-commerce in the fashion industry

The SportSpar GmbH has developed from a small marketplace retailer to one of the leading German retailers in the e-commerce fashion industry. The twin brothers Aleksandr and Jevgenij Borisenko have been at the helm of this company from the very beginning and to this day. In 2018 the first of the meanwhile six international shops went live and other countries will follow. In order to drive growth, the target groups “women” and “children” will also be targeted in the future. In addition, the range is being expanded to include items that have been produced in-house and that have not yet been offered.

the Descartes Systems (Germany) GmbH is a provider of e-commerce software pixi WMS for order processing. It enables online retailers, direct-to-consumer brands and fulfillment providers to offer their customers an exceptional shopping experience. E-commerce companies also use pixi to optimize their warehouse logistics and omnichannel backend processes. These range from barcode-supported pick and pack processes in the warehouse to the dispatch of orders to dispatch tracking. In addition, there are optional ERP functionalities such as customer service, purchasing, payment management and DATEV export. With API web services and standard interfaces, pixi can be connected to existing shop systems, ERP solutions and existing IT system landscapes. (sg)