How the webshop Bett1 achieved more visibility

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Contextual targetingSource: Seedtag

The end of third-party cookies is forcing companies to find new marketing solutions in e-commerce to reach their customers. A suitable solution for this lies in contextual targeting.

The contextual targeting approach is not based on personal data, but on the content of the respective article. The mattress online shop proves how successful this can be. The company was looking for a marketing solution to sustainably increase brand and product awareness of its anti-trust mattress “Bodyguard”. Seedtag, provider of contextual targeting and advertising, implemented a cookie-free brand awareness campaign for the online shop.

Seedtag turned out to be a suitable partner for this project due to its extensive experience. The provider designed a campaign for bett1 that was controlled using a precise, cookie-free targeting strategy. The result: The advertisement achieved a visibility rate of 73 percent and the website traffic increased significantly with a click rate of 1.73 percent. User engagement increased to a rate of 7.35 percent. The ad received a total of 4.5 million impressions.

Goal of contextual targeting: stand out from the competition started in 2004 as an online shop. In the meantime, other online providers have entered the mattress market, which is increasingly intensifying the competition. Because the product selection is larger and consumers can make a direct comparison. Delivery directly to your home means there are no transport costs such as petrol or wear and tear on your own vehicle. With regard to certain product properties, bett1 has therefore decided on one important product property: optimal lying comfort. This message should reach the customers and motivate them to buy online. To ensure that this content is shown to exactly the right users at the right time, bett1 relied on Seedtag’s AI-based contextual targeting.

The implementation of the campaign: With AI in the right brand environment

Seedtag’s AI enables brands to integrate their advertising messages into fully relevant content. The artificial intelligence has been analyzing millions of online articles worldwide for seven years and categorizing them according to reader interests. It is able to gather information from text, images and videos and can serve ads as precisely as possible. In order to identify popular content that matches the interests of the target group, Seedtag coordinated the specific objectives with bett1.

In the next step, the contextual advertising specialist translates the goals into concrete actions. Seedtag’s in-house creative studio then designs two country-specific advertisements for the DACH markets. These are developed in order to encourage the user to interact with the product in a targeted manner. Additional gamifications present the product features in a playful way. In the last step, the contextual AI plays the display ad from bett1 as an interactive in-image format in home & living content as well as in articles on the topics of relaxation, sleep and mattresses.

Seedtag’s AI enables novel user experiences

The ad achieved exceptional key performance values ​​in the DACH markets. Peter Harms, Senior Performance Marketing Manager International at GmbH, comments: “By integrating the interactive in-image formats from Seedtag, which are controlled via contextual AI, we were able to offer our target group a completely new user experience. In addition, we were able to record above-average click rates through the use of these formats. And in direct comparison to our other display campaigns in the awareness area. The entire cooperation, especially with regard to the technical implementation and creative planning, has been more than excellent from day one and always on an equal footing. Seedtag knows how to read us.”

Kai Kowarsch, Sales Manager at Seedtag Düsseldorf, adds: “The partnership with bett1 is based on a fundamental common ground: the passion for creative, new display solutions. bett1 has always approached our ideas with curiosity and openness, so that we were able to find the ideal set-up for the best possible campaign results in a collaborative process. Bett1 understands and shares our passion.”

Founded in 2014 seed tag specializes in contextual advertising. The provider of online advertising develops efficient solutions for relevant, visual premium content. These increase targeting and revenue for publishers and advertising brands. AI-based contextual targeting enables brands to engage with consumers within their worlds of interest on a cookie-free basis. (sg)

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