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In the new e-book, Cédric Waldburger deals precisely with the digital collaboration between remote freelancers and companies Go digital! How your company can become digitally successful with the help of remote freelancers on track. On 25 pages, the expert gives valuable tips in the field of remote work and how this can be successfully implemented. He not only shares his personal experience when looking for a suitable remote freelancer, but also provides the reader with helpful information Suggestions for effective collaboration, which includes writing briefings and role descriptions. Get a quick overview of the most important topics that are discussed in detail in the e-book.

Remote work has been on the rise since the Corona outbreak

With the outbreak of the Corona virus, you were probably already in a position to work remotely from home. According to Bitkom, almost half of the workforce in Germany worked in the home office due to the corona pandemic. This flexible working model will become more relevant in the future because it can not only strengthen a company’s agility and flexibility.

It can also significantly accelerate digitization and thus competitiveness. More than 90 percent of contractors want the opportunity to choose their working time and place of work freely. The flexible way of working can already be implemented at least by working with remote freelancers in the company.

Remote freelancers: How companies benefit from them

Including freelancers in a temporary project can have a positive effect on your company. In the e-book, Cédric Waldburger explains why remote employees can be important for corporate development:

  1. You save resources and can concentrate on the core business.
  2. Freelancers bring their expert knowledge and their entire competence in the project and can thus complete the tasks at hand in the shortest possible time.
  3. The company and the teams gain new impulses and new knowledge.

At this point, the question arises of how companies adapt to this working model and you despite the distance Expand business digitally can. Cédric Waldburger provides helpful answers in the e-book mentioned. So much can be said: The different working hours or the distance are irrelevant as long as you have found the person who fits the company profile.

Find the right remote freelancer

Fortunately, the use of freelancers cannot be restricted to just the IT area. Services and jobs are like in different areas Graphics and design, marketing or administration offered. The search for a freelancer works most successfully via specialized platforms such as Fiverr. Filter systems of the different platforms help you with the search. The e-book provides information on useful filtering.

Working successfully with a remote freelancer

Regardless of whether companies are looking for a freelancer for short-term or long-term collaboration, the author of the e-book highlights the briefing and the clear role description for a successful collaboration. Targeted briefings are particularly important when the freelancer is commissioned for a project for the first time. For example, attention should be paid to the scope of the project. Cédric Waldburger shares four important tips with you on how to design a briefing.

A role description, on the other hand, becomes relevant if you create an inquiry yourself on which several freelancers should apply. How do you make sure that the remote freelancer who fits the task perfectly feels addressed? An effective role description makes it possible to filter numerous profiles. In the e-book you will find 3 relevant advice on what a good role description could look like. A tip in advance: Think about whether this procedure makes sense for your task or whether a direct booking is more efficient.

Long-term collaboration with a freelancer

It may happen that due to the good performance, further orders are placed until the remote freelancer has become a permanent member of the team. In the case of long-term collaboration, the author of the e-book has found that the closer the relationship, the more effective the collaboration is. The four tips for communication can be found in the e-book that you here can download free of charge. (sg)