How to Add Music to Instagram Stories?


The feature of adding Music to the Stories section of the popular social media platform Instagram. For a long time abroad Instagram Music is now in use in Turkey outside … So how music is added to Instagram Stories? Let's take a look together.

Stories most liked by Instagram users should be Stories. Facebook adapted this feature to Instagram from its rival Snapchat years ago and then brought it to its main application via WhatsApp. Over time, Stories continued to collect brand new features for users to express themselves. The ability to add music Stories from them was the most popular in Turkey and was also available.

Instagram Music feature has been available in many countries of the world since 2018. With the application that connects to the music library with thousands of songs that are popular around the world, you can search for the artist or song you want. before you share your story you can add music.

Adding music to Instagram stories

How to add music to Instagram Stories?

  • Open the Instagram Stories screen,
  • Record a photo or video with the Instagram camera,
  • If you are going to share an image taken before, choose from the gallery,
  • Touch the sticker icon at the top,
  • Tap the "Music" icon from the window that opens,
    • You can choose from the music on the "For You" tab, you can search for the artist or song you want by tapping the "Browse" tab, you can choose according to genres or emotions.
  • Touch the song you want to add,
  • Choose the word or tag style and the 15-second interval you want,
  • Add music to your Story by clicking Done.

instagram music

While adding music to Instagram Stories In 4 different forms lyric video or directly With 2 different song tags you can share. It should be noted that the music library is not very rich at the moment and there are not many Turkish songs. It is possible that more Turkish songs will be added to Instagram Music soon.