How to Find a Lost Phone? [Android-iOS]

There are a few simple adjustments you need to make to avoid the nightmare of losing your Android or iOS smartphone. Thanks to these adjustments, you can easily find the lost phone. We explained in detail how to find lost phone for iOS and Android step by step.

For many users, the thought of losing their phone means nightmares while awake. Finding a lost phone You can quickly resolve a possible phone loss situation with.

There are some steps you need to follow on Android and iOS devices to find the lost phone. These steps consist of some adjustments you need to make before you lose your phone. There comes a day when we don’t wish anyone to live and you lose your smartphone find a lost phone The process will be life-saving.

What you need to know about the lost phone finding process:

find a lost phone

For you to find lost phone on smartphones with both Android and iOS operating systems Your subject should be clear. Because with this process, you will generally see where your phone was last. For this reason, at least when you go out of the house, it is useful to make your position open.

Finding a lost phone With the process, you will not only reach the last location of your phone. It also remotely You can ring, lock and delete all data stored on the device. This is why the lost phone finding process has a life-saving feature, especially in cases where the device is stolen.

Smartphones with different brands of Android operating systems such as Xiaomi and Samsung special lost phone finder can be For this reason, search by the brand and model of your device and, if available, you can secure your work by applying special methods to your device.

How to find a lost Android phone?

  • Method # 1: With the Google Find My Device mobile app
  • Method # 2: With Google location history

find lost phone android

Method # 1: with the Google Find My Device mobile app

  • Step # 1: If you want to reach from another phone from here Download the Google Find My Device mobile app and complete the setup,
    • If you want to find it from your computer and not from another phone here click and login with your Google account,
  • Step # 2: All devices with your Google account open will be listed, select your phone,
    • Here you can change your device’s screen lock,
    • You can try phoning your own number.

google find my device

How to find Android lost phone with the Google Find My Device mobile app the most accurate method. It allows you to find your device easily thanks to indoor maps even in large areas such as airports and shopping centers. Since it works with GPS, it makes pinpoint predictions.

Method # 2: with Google location history

  • Step # 1: From here Open the My Google Activity page and sign in with your Google account information.
  • Step # 2: Then find the Location History line,
  • Step # 3: Click on Manage History,
  • Step # 4: You can access all the recorded location information of the device.

google location history

Android lost phone finding method with Google location history, if on your device If the Google Find My Device mobile app is not installed It is a method you can apply. Because Google location history determines location using Wi-Fi and mobile data, it cannot make as successful predictions as the GPS-powered Google Find My Device application.

iOS lost phone find process:

  • Step # 1: iPhone Settings Open the page.
  • Step # 2: Apple ID open your page.
  • Step # 3: Find Tap.
  • Step # 4: iPhone’umu Bul Enable the option.
  • Step # 5: When the device is lost, another Apple device Find With the application you can find your device.
  • Step # 6: When the device is lost from here You can find your device by logging in with your Apple account information.

ios find lost phone

The key to iOS lost phone finding Knowing your Apple account information by heart. Because whether you use a web browser or another Apple device Find Use the application, you will definitely need your Apple account information.

If you have an iPhone user that you have always been with, it is also possible by having their Finder app follow you. lost and stolen You can find the device. However, this is not always a recommended method.

Instead you need to activate all the options on the Find My iPhone page and at least while you’re away open your location you are recommended to quit. Of course, you can always change the settings on the page and adjust them according to your own preferences.

It is very difficult to find a phone whose location is turned off:

location off phone finder

The above methods are applicable for both Android and iOS with location information open and accessible. However, your location information If you don’t keep it open all the time Or if you don’t want to speed up battery drain, there is a simple method you can do.

It will not work as well as other methods, but at least it is out to mark your last location. open your location from time to time and enable features that allow information to be shared with Google and Apple. If the phone location is then activated elsewhere, it will be life-saving in stolen cases.

For you How to find lost phones on Android and iOS We answered the question and explained step by step the methods you can apply. These methods, which may seem unnecessary for now, can turn into actions you wish I had done in case your phone is stolen or lost one day.