How to find the right TV: resolution, panel technology, interfaces

4K or 8K, LCD or OLED, HDR10 + or Dolby Vision? The choice of the right TV depends on numerous technical details. Factors such as the screen diagonal or the manufacturer are a bit in the background. The latter only play a role if you use Samsung or LG’s smart home platforms and want to control them via the television.

Our guide also deals with issues such as backlighting. LCD televisions cannot do without one – in contrast to OLED models. There are various approaches that have an impact on price and design. With mini LEDs there is a comparatively new version, with dual cell from HiSense there is also an exotic variant.

If you are looking for a television set to be used for more than two or three years, the question arises how future-proof the models are. The first 8K televisions are available for less than 3000 euros – but will the high resolution be a real advantage in the foreseeable future? HDMI 2.1 is equally important for long-term use. Not every manufacturer who advertises the standard fully implements it. This can take revenge at the latest when the purchase of a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X is planned.

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