How To Fix Windows 10 Wi-Fi Problem?


Even though Windows 10 is seen as the most advanced version of Windows in many respects, it is known that there are still stability problems. There are some methods you can apply to answer one of these problems, how to solve the Windows 10 Wi-Fi problem. You can try different methods for different error alerts.

Many users have problems with Windows 10. At the root of these problems lies the stability problem in the operating system. One of the known issues is Windows 10 Wi-Fi problem. Windows 10 Wi-Fi problem living users; They state that there is such a problem with different complaints such as networks do not appear, Wi-Fi does not open, there is no Wi-Fi icon, I cannot enter Wi-Fi password.

Well, How to fix Windows 10 Wi-Fi problem? There are some basic methods that users who have annoying problems with their network connection, especially the Windows 10 Wi-Fi disconnection problem. For these methods, without downloading any third-party software, just by editing the system’s settings Windows 10 Wi-Fi problem You can reach the solution and prevent this problem from recurring.

How to fix Windows 10 Wi-Fi problem?

  • Method # 1: Disable your antivirus software.
  • Method # 2: Disable the Windows firewall.
  • Method # 3: Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect.
  • Method # 4: Change the Wi-Fi network name and password.
  • Method # 5: Run the Internet Connections Troubleshooter.
  • Method # 6: Update or reinstall the network driver.
  • Method # 7: Adjust the network driver Power Management settings.

Method # 1: Disable your antivirus software:


Antivirus software may restrict certain actions to protect your computer from potential threats. Especially with network security settings enabled It’s possible that an antivirus software is throwing a Windows 10 Wi-Fi issue.

Therefore, when you encounter such a problem, first of all you need to use your antivirus software. disable it, Restart your computer and try to connect to a network. If this method works, you should use a different alternative antivirus software for your virtual security.

Method # 2: Disable the Windows firewall:

  • Step # 1: To the Windows search bar Command Prompt type and search.
  • Step # 2: Right click on the Command Prompt icon to run it as administrator.
  • Step # 3: To the Command Prompt screen netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off type and Enter’a Press.
  • Step # 4: Windows firewall will become inactive.
  • Step # 5: Restart the computer.
  • Step # 6: Try to connect to a network again.


The firewall that is installed in the Windows operating system itself and protects your system from potential dangers can also cause the Windows 10 Wi-Fi issue to occur. Firewall reactivated to the Command Prompt screen to bring it netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state on by typing Enter’a just press and restart your computer.

Method # 3: Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect:

  • Step # 1: Windows start Open the menu.
  • Step # 2: Settings by clicking the icon Settings Open the page.
  • Step # 3: Network and Internet Open the page.
  • Step # 4: From the left menu Wi-Fi Click.
  • Step # 5: Manage Known Networks Click.
  • Step # 6: Select the network you are having trouble connecting to.
  • Step # 7: Click Forget.
  • Step # 8: Restart the computer.
  • Step # 9: Try to connect to the network again.

don't forget wifi network

If you are having trouble trying to connect to a previously connected Wi-Fi network saved on your computer forgetting the web Reconnecting can fix the problem. Such a problem may be caused by your modem or your computer. For this reason, forgetting and reconnecting will solve possible problems.

Method # 4: Change the Wi-Fi network name and password:

  • Step # 1: Log into the modem interface.
  • Step # 2: Settings Open the page.
  • Step # 3: Change the network name and password from here.
    • Page names may vary depending on the modem brand and model.
  • Step # 4: Restart the modem and computer.
  • Step # 5: Try to connect to the network.

modem interface

Windows 10 Wi-Fi problem occurs on many different brands and models of computers. many different solution methods it’s coming out. Some users experiencing this problem have seen that this problem disappears when they change the name and password of the Wi-Fi wireless modem network. It is worth a try as it is a simple method.