How to Play Pinball in Google App on iOS Devices

We told you how you can play the “Pinball” game, which is the surprise egg that Google has hidden in the Google application on iOS devices.

Google saves small amounts of money in its apps and browser. surprises A company known for Almost any application, even operating system to every version of Android He even hides a surprise egg for sure.

A secret secret hidden inside the Google app, the company’s search engine. Pinball game available. This game is for now iOS only offered exclusively to its users. We have listed for you what you need to do to access this surprise egg.

Here’s what you need to do

Google's Surprise egg on iOS

Ensure that your iOS device has the Google app installed primarily, and because it’s up to date be sure. Then open the application and find the “tabsTap the ” button. Afterwards, “tabsKeep pressing the ” button. Shapes in different colors will start flying on the screen. From this point, all you have to do is tap on these flying shapes. start the game by swiping up.

If you can’t see the floating shapes on the screen after doing these steps, “tabsfrom the ” section by opening a tab try. If it doesn’t happen again in the next update you can try again.


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