How users can avoid the price increase

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03/09/2022 – Category: IT

Microsoft has announced a price increase for all Microsoft Office on-premise licenses. Cloud-based products are also becoming more expensive for the first time. How business users can avoid the price increase.

Microsoft has announced price increases for all products, i.e. on-premise and cloud versions. It was also announced that Exchange Server 2022 would only be offered as part of a subscription. This news from the USA must have been received with skepticism by many IT managers in this country. A way out of the spiraling costs is offered by used software from the current releases of Microsoft Office.

“Since September 2021, Microsoft has been increasing its prices again. It started with Windows Server, Remote Desktop CAL and SQL Server, the Office family was added in October and finally all other on-premise products in November,” explains Michael Helms, Managing Director of Soft & Cloud AG. For business users, there is a price increase of five percent.

Microsoft Office Soft & Cloud
Michael Helms is Managing Director of Soft & Cloud AG. (Image: Soft & Cloud AG)

Microsoft Office: new products also available used

It is a well-known fact that the prices for new locally installed applications regularly rise and this is one reason why a robust market for used software has been able to establish itself. Cloud-based products such as Microsoft 365, on the other hand, have so far been spared an increase in usage fees. Now that is also changing: from March there will be painful increases of up to 20 percent.

“In order to break out of the expensive and uneconomic cycle, we recommend that companies and authorities purchase and use used software,” says Michael Helms, emphasizing: “We already offer the latest Microsoft solutions, such as Office 2021, used and therefore significantly cheaper,” explains Michael Helms. Soft & Cloud AG can offer its customers an even lower price for older versions. But even users who are always dependent on the current version should consider second-use licenses.

In addition to the 2021 versions of Microsoft Office, the portfolio of the used software retailer also includes licenses for Windows Server 2022 and even for the recently released Visual Studio 2022. This results in a noticeable price reduction compared to new licenses, whereby the savings are increased licenses that are no longer required can be traded in. Companies can invest the capital saved elsewhere, for example to retain employees or to generate new growth.

Exchange Server: Upgrade to version 2019

Microsoft has also announced changes with regard to the Exchange Server: The manufacturer wants to replace the previously used server/CAL model with a subscription. The new version will therefore only be available as subscription software. The upcoming version will support direct upgrades from Exchange Server 2019 for about two more years. Nevertheless, it is advisable for users who are still running version 2013 or 2016 on local servers to start planning and installing version 2019 today. Soft & Cloud AG also has this available for its customers.

Founded in 2014 Soft & Cloud Ltd is a dealer of used software licenses. The company acquires and sells usage rights for company software and operating systems in the business customer area. The dealer also offers advice and service in license management and software audits. (sg)

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