Huawei Germany: No sign of technical abuse in 15 years


Huawei asks the federal government to take the facts into account when making a decision to expand 5G. “We have been active in Germany for 15 years now and none of our long-standing customers has found any evidence of misuse of our technologies. The USA also has no evidence of this, zero”Huawei’s chief representative in Germany, David Wang, told the mirror. “From our point of view, the Federal Government’s approach with the same and strict security criteria for everyone is the right way to secure networks.”

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The US government under Donald Trump accuses the supplier of espionage for the Chinese government. Evidence of the alleged security threat was repeatedly announced by the United States, but was not presented. The U.S. government is putting massive pressure on its allies to exclude Huawei from 5G expansion. According to information from WDR, NDR and S├╝ddeutscher Zeitung from February 2020, the German security authorities are not convinced of the US information. There is still no evidence of espionage by Huawei. Several government officials also voiced great doubts about the veracity of the American claims on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference in February 2020. A senior government official spoke of “Propaganda”.

It is a “Drama”how the industry is currently politicized, “Facts hardly matter”. All three mobile operators, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telef├│nica, use Huawei technology for LTE and use 5G equipment from the manufacturer. “Exclusion in Germany would primarily affect our customers, their customers and shareholders”Wang said.

A spell would “Certainly not to increase the security of the networks, on the contrary”, he said. “More competition also leads to better and safer products.” In the home market of China, 5G expansion is making rapid progress, with 11,000 new transmitters being built every week. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said recently in the interior committee that the Huawei question is “still to be solved”, this must “at the top level” happen. Chancellor Angela Merkel had repeatedly spoken out against the exclusion of providers because of their country of origin.

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