Huawei insiders criticize employee nudging | heise online


At Huawei, there is allegedly a “quasi-military corps spirit” in the sense of the company’s founder Ren Zhengfei, who preaches a rough management style in the sense of a “wolf spirit”, also in the European headquarters in Düsseldorf and other branches on the old continent. In doing so, the Chinese network supplier is sometimes violating labor law requirements. This is written by a research alliance that has supported the Signals Network founded by media patron Gilles Raymond.

Huawei describes itself as a “top employer” and comes up with orchids in the quarter on the Rhine, which is also known as the “small Chinese embassy”. Report that, the British Daily Telegraph, the Swiss republic and the spanish newspaper The world. Voices from inside reported, however, of a technology company “which seems to see its employees primarily as a raw material from which it wants to forge its own success”. The company moves Chinese employees like chess pieces and puts employees outside the door at will.

The researchers said they spoke to people “who have worked for the company in several European countries”. They described a company that is celebrated for its supposedly modern management philosophy, “but at the same time pushes employees to their limits”. There is talk of a “toxic corporate culture” and a “climate of fear”. An internal “posting and mobility management regulation” has regulated how Huawei determines parts of the private life of employees.

In court proceedings related to the group, which is controversial in the context of the debate about the security of 5G networks, discrimination and dismissals have already been negotiated several times, which should never have happened under current law. Every German manager looks over the shoulder of a minder from the Middle Kingdom. Chinese employees are “totally isolated,” complains Ulrike Saaber from IG Metall. A company spokesman, on the other hand, referred to “proven double-top structures”. He rejected allegations of discrimination. Huawei respects the Works Constitution Act and has done nothing to prevent the formation of a works council. However, there is still none.


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