Huawei Marine: Huawei wants to build submarine cables between South America and Asia

Huawei Technologies is "very strong" interested in building the first submarine cable between South America and Asia. David Dou Yong, boss of Huawei Chile, explained ReutersThe company is eagerly pursuing the public tendering process initiated by Chile in July and will participate if offers for the trans-Pacific construction could be submitted.
"Huawei will be very actively involved in this opportunity"Yong said.

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Huawei Technologies plans to sell its submarine cable business, said Hengtong Optic Electric in Shanghai in June 2019. Hengtong Optic-Electric, a Jiangsu-based optical telecommunications network products company, announced on the Shanghai Stock Exchange that on May 31, it had signed a letter of intent with Huawei Technologies subsidiary Huawei Tech Investment to acquire its 51 percent stake in Huawei Marine Systems have signed.

Huawei spokesman Weiqiang Zou told Reuters the sale was unconfirmed. "This is something that came out a few months ago, but it's not confirmed and there is no final decision",

Huawei Marine operates in 90 projects worldwide and has laid 50,361 kilometers of cable, including a 6,000 kilometer submarine cable connecting Africa and South America, completed in September of last year.

The submarine cable market is dominated by the US subcom, the Japanese NEC and the European Nokia subsidiary Alcatel-Lucent. However, Huawei has steadily gained market share since Huawei Marine was founded in 2008 as a joint venture with the British Global Marine.

In August 2018, Huawei obtained the majority of voting rights on the board of Huawei Marine, with Global Marine holding a 49 percent stake.

On Wednesday, Huawei opened a data center in Santiago with locally-hosted cloud storage services, an investment of more than $ 100 million.