Huawei May Start Selling 3rd Party Phones


A post on Weibo shows that Huawei is probably working on a new business model to expand the HarmonyOS ecosystem. Allegedly, Huawei will start selling smartphones developed by third-party companies in its physical stores.

Once the shining star of the smartphone industry, Huawei, entered into a difficult process due to the embargo imposed by the USA. The company both had a supply problem and lost its status in the sector due to its inability to shop with other technology companies. Of course, this directly affected the financial situation of the company. However, Huawei will be able to change all the balances. may have taken a new decision. is being considered.

According to a post on China’s official social media platform Weibo, Huawei said on August 20, “Monica“, a smart phone with the code name ” will be offered for sale in its physical stores. While Monica’s design, technical features and price are unknown, it is not even clear whether the phone belongs to Huawei. Industry experts, who stated that the company is not working on a new phone, said that Huawei 3rd party companies can sell their phones they are thinking.

Huawei can sell phones from 3rd party companies for extra income and HarmonyOS:


The phone, codenamed Monica, which is expected to be released on August 20, is a partnership with Huawei. May be owned by a Chinese company is also considered. For example, this smartphone may be using some technologies developed by Huawei or directly HarmonyOS. The company has previously HarmonyOSThe statement, which ‘s said can be shared with other companies, suggests that Huawei, which wants to spread the HarmonyOS ecosystem, may turn to third-party companies.


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Meanwhile, according to another leak on Weibo, not only Monica, but other products as well. In Huawei’s physical stores will be available for sale. Although there is no information about what these products are, the sources focus on 3 models. The company has made an official statement regarding this issue. did not explain. The coming days seem to be pregnant with big events for Huawei…

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