Huawei Wants To Get Rid Of National Security Threat Label


Bad labels determined for companies can prevent companies from successfully running their business. Huawei, which has been banned from the US government by trading with US companies in the past year and suffers from this situation, finds the decision taken illegal and misguided.

In the past year, the Chinese company Huawei, whose path was wrong with the US, was prohibited from trading in the USA. In addition, US-based companies were restricted from collaborating with Huawei, and accordingly, Huawei was deprived of Google's Android operating system and Google Services.

Behind these decisions that completely restrict Huawei and put it in great trouble, the USA National Security Threat lay with the potential to create.

Huawei is appealing the decision.

Located on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) lowering the charges In his application for the Chinese technology giant, the company noted that what was done was illegal and that there were misleadings.

In more than 200 pages of documentation submitted to the FCC, Huawei: "This move was designed by some government officials, including congressmen, to separate Huawei from the US market and to damage its reputation here and around the world, for tough and stigmatizing restrictions." used expressions.

About the subject that has long been working on Huawei your last word while the U.S. Federal Communications Commission is expected to be said by the Public Security and Internal Security Bureau. For now, Huawei and FCC questions unanswered Leaves.

For the tight relationship with the Chinese government of the smartphone industry giant and for the US telecommunications network (base stations etc.) equipment in Huawei's time Do specific devices and software that can be placed on these equipment and other countries or companies. data spying it caused the possibility to be made. The United States saw this as a National Security Threat.


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US President Donald Trump tough before Huawei last May decisions received and issued an execution order and severed all ties with Huawei.

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