Hubble Takes Photo of Galaxy “Shining Like a Diamond”


Taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and located in the “oven” galaxy, this galaxy shines like a diamond.

The Hubble Space Telescope and other space telescopes are constantly flying from space. wonderful transmits images to us. This time the Hubble Space Telescope, NGC 1385 He photographed the spiral galaxy.

NASA’sShines like a diamond in the skyThis galaxy, which he shared by saying ”, is from our planet. 68 million light years is at a distance.

pupil of the constellation Fornax

Galaxy named NGC 1385, Fornax It is almost the pupil of the constellation. The name of this constellation does not come from the name of an ancient god or an animal, as in other constellations. Fornax in English Furnace oven, known as Latin. The person who gave this name is the famous French astronomer born in 1713. Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille. He is known among astronomers and has named 14 constellations still known today. Some of the other constellations he named Atila (air pump), Rule, (ruler) and Telescope (telescope).

The camera that took this marvelous image was added to Hubble in 2009. #3 wide-angle camera. This camera is generally known as the most used camera in Hubble. 12 years The camera, which still works quite efficiently after its working period, will be expected in the next 5 years. to retire replacing it with a better camera is also on the agenda of NASA and ESA.


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The Hubble Space Telescope, which malfunctioned and stopped working for a while in the summer of 2021, was fortunately reactivated. in space 31st anniversary It is said that different additions may be made to the filling satellite in the near future.

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