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“The blockchain will change the world of tomorrow significantly,” says Markus Schindler, Head of Sales & Marketing at the Stuttgart agency. More and more companies in all industries would recognize the great potential that lies in the decentralized database, which is largely protected from manipulation. “We believe in the tokenization of the world as the next evolutionary stage in digitization and here too we want to be our customers’ pioneers and companions,” continues Schindler. To motivate customers to use the new crypto currency, the agency is now offering a ten percent discount when paying by Bitcoin or Ether.

Blockchain: efficient payment process with ether and bitcoin

As with a conventional transfer to a bank account, interested customers can send the invoice amount to the agreed Bitcoin or Ethereum address. Once the transfer is complete, the amount minus the transaction fee appears in a wallet. Thanks to the blockchain, the data on all nodes, i.e. network nodes, is identical. This makes the process transparent and traceable.

Another advantage: Whereas a payment process used to take several hours or – especially for international transfers – even days to complete, the money transfers via the blockchain take place directly between the sender and recipient in real time. Intermediate bodies such as banks, notaries or states are no longer necessary, which saves time and money.

Integration of alternative payment methods

Other companies, including Tesla, Micro Strategy and Overstock, also hold bitcoins themselves, thereby expanding their market access. Schindler summarizes the reasons for expanding the payment methods at as follows: “Similar to online shopping, where a wide variety of payment methods can address a broader target group, we would like to offer our customers more payment options, from which everyone can choose can choose the best for himself. Of course, payment on account or by bank transfer is still possible. ”

New possibilities of digitization thanks to blockchain

Payment is just one example of the variety of applications made possible by the blockchain and also becoming exciting for the online marketing world. The technology also has potential for online privacy. In this way, special tokens can digitize data management and processing much better and grant all those involved transparent access.

In addition, the individual blocks of the data chain are largely resistant to manipulation. Because every data block contains a time stamp. This means that all successive processes are documented in a verifiable manner. Transactions with Bitcoin and smart contracts via the Ethereum platform also work according to this principle. For, payment is only the first step into the world of blockchain. Further steps will certainly follow. is one of the largest owner-managed and internationally operating digital performance agencies in Germany. The range of services includes SEA, SEO, online display and social media advertising through to moving images and TV media optimization. The management of Hurra Communications is in the hands of the founders René Schweier (CEO) and Markus Schindler, who has been a member of the management team as Head of Sales & Marketing since 2000. (sg)

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