Husband Minister: Turkey Reaches 1.4 Million in Vaccine biontech


Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, Pfizer – the vaccine was developed in partnership biontech announced that it has reached 1.4 million doses of Turkey. The vaccines will be administered next week after the tests in every center where storage conditions are suitable.

Health Minister Fahrettin husband, this time it was announced that Turkey reached 1.4 million doses of the last day of testing for 5800 doses of vaccine from Pfizer-biontech. Minister Koca, in a statement for the vaccine, “Security tests are being carried out and will be applied to our citizens who are in their turn next week.” said.

Making a statement about vaccines on his Twitter account Minister Husband, BioNTech vaccine reached our country for testing 5800 doses last week. Yesterday, we received approximately 750 thousand doses of vaccine. BioNTech vaccine has arrived for the first time outside of tests and clinical research. Security tests are being carried out and will be applied to our citizens who are in their turn next week.. “used his expressions. Koca, who continues his words,”Today, more than 700 thousand doses of BioNTech vaccine have reached our country. Thus, 1.4 million doses of ready-to-use vaccine have been reached. This vaccine will be used for the first time in our country. The vaccine will be administered in every center with suitable storage conditions.” said.


The total has exceeded 14 million vaccine made in Turkey

Produced by the Chinese company Sinovac in the first stage to our country CoronaVac the vaccine has arrived. While the CoronaVac vaccine has been found in our country in general until this time, the total number of vaccines made is It exceeded 14 million 131 thousand. In addition, a second dose of vaccine was administered to 5 million 977 thousand 550 people.



One of the Founders of BioNTech, Dr. Özlem Türeci Announced That They Will Offer Cancer Vaccine In The Upcoming Years

To our country in the upcoming period Pfizer – BioNTech as well as new doses of CoronaVac vaccines are expected to come. In addition, our local vaccine candidates continue to be tested. We will continue to keep you informed as there are new developments.