Hyundai Introduces The World’s First Hydrogen Hybrid Sports Car


Hyundai has developed a new perspective on the automotive industry, which is preparing to become fully electrified. In this context, the company, which makes hybrid engine systems with hydrogen, introduced a sports car called Vision FK. The company is also preparing to offer a hydrogen option in all commercial vehicles it will launch until 2028.

South Korean auto giant Hyundaimade some statements that will attract the attention of the automobile industry as part of the Hydrogen Wave event. In the statements made by the company, it was stated that importance was given to hydrogen-powered vehicles. In fact, when we come to 2028, the company to commercial vehicles It will also add a hydrogen powered option. However, it seems that this step will not be limited to commercial vehicles only.

Hyundai stated that it has made a cooperation with Rimac and within the scope of this cooperation “Vision FKThe company announced that it produced a concept car called “. The statements made by the company reveal that there is a hybrid engine in this vehicle. However, this hybrid engine combines electricity with hydrogen, not petrol. hydrogen fuel policy It sheds light on how it enters our lives.

Hyundai’s goal is to compete on price with fully electric cars

Hyundai Vision FK

In the statements made by Hyundai, it will provide price competition with fully electric cars by 2030. hydrogen powered It is stated that investments will be made in hybrid models. In this way, the company seems to open a new page in the automotive industry. Moreover, since hydrogen fuel can be filled in a very short time compared to batteries (approximately 5 minutes), it is more important than fully electric vehicles. could be more popular looks like.

When we look at the Vision FK, we see that the engine that powers this rear-wheel drive sports car. 670 horsepower we see that. When hydrogen tanks are fully charged with batteries providing electrical power 600 kilometers The vehicle, which can travel, reaches 100 km / h in under 4 seconds. Mentioning that it has developed special systems to keep the high power of the vehicle under control, Hyundai said that when cornering or if the vehicle drifts, it will automatically torque management doing. In this way, the vehicle provides high road holding even at high speed.

Hyundai Vision FK

Albert Biermann, who is the senior manager of Hyundai and Kia, described the Vision FK as “extremeBiermann, who used this expression several times in the introduction of the vehicle, still says that the Vision FK is a great car. So when will the Hyundai Vision FK hit the roads? There is no answer to this question. It is not yet known when the sports car, which is still in the concept stage, will go into mass production.

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