I Am Legend’s Screenwriter Reacts to Vaccine Opponents

One of the first films that come to mind when science fiction is mentioned, I Am Legend has been used to support anti-vaccine campaigns in America for a while. In this regard, the screenwriter of the film reacted to the opponents of the vaccine. Akiva Goldsman said that the reality has nothing to do with the ones in the movie, that she ‘made it up’.

After the start of the pandemic, people waiting for the day the vaccines will be released were divided into two when the vaccines came to light. The two groups that argue that vaccines are beneficial and harmful are still in discussion. Anti-vaccine is nowadays mostly with unfounded thoughts Emerges.

chips, 5G and many more are cited as sources, and fictionalized scenarios are also used. As the last example of this Will Smith’in located I Am Legend the movie appeared. The screenwriter of the film, which has been used in anti-vaccine campaigns in America for a while, responded to people who used the film in this way.

“This is a movie. It’s not real, I made it up”

I Am Legend

The film describes the world’s population of an attempt to reconstruct the genetics of measles to find a cure for cancer. kill almost all takes the subject. The survivors of this infection turn into zombie-like creatures.

In social media, this these people it’s not the disease, it’s the vaccination interpreted as. This caused one of the employees to worry about this at a store in New York. When this becomes news, the screenwriters of the film Akiva Goldsmanmade a kind of statement that would comfort those who think in this direction.

Akiva Goldsman

Goldsman, whose desperation at the keyboard can be understood from his writing style, said that it’s just a movie, himself invented and their not real stated.


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It is known that the film is used in anti-vaccine campaigns on social media in many different ways. At this point, social media giants such as Facebook do not share such shares that are not based on any source. contains incorrect information tagged with phrases such as