‘I was Vaccinated’ Video Removed After Reactions


The video published by the Ministry of Tourism for tourists and Turkish employees wearing masks saying “Have fun, I am vaccinated” was removed after the reactions.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism used to introduce Turkey to the world. ‘Go Türkiye’ A video was shared during the day from his Twitter account. The video, which is mostly aimed at tourists, shows the touristic places of Turkey, and on the faces of the employees who will see the tourists “Look at you having fun, I am vaccinated” There was a written mask.

In the description section “Sterilized resorts and vaccinated staff! We call this double security in tourism. Come and enjoy with peace of mind” The video of the Ministry with the statements, in a moment of social media sat on the agenda. Thousands of people reacted to the sharing.

The Ministry removed the sharing after the reactions:

I am instilled mask

On the faces of Turkish employees that tourists will see “I’ve been vaccinated” The video with the written masks was hit by the ball on social media. After the reactions, the Ministry unpublished the post however, the anger of social media users has not subsided. However, no official statement was made on the subject.

Previously Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, “We will vaccinate all tourism employees, those who work in hotels, restaurants, drivers, airport employees, tour guides, and everyone that the tourist can see, by the end of May” he said and these words drew reaction.


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Some of the reactions from social media to the ‘I was vaccinated’ post: