ID. Charger: Volkswagen sells inexpensive wall boxes including installation

With the ID.3, Volkswagen plans to offer an electric car in the summer of 2020 that is to become a milestone in the company’s history. But where should the cars be loaded? For many homeowners it is clear: at home. VW now offers the ID for this target group. Charger. This is a wall box in different versions, which is available from 399 euros. Of course, it can also be used to charge all other electric cars with a type 2 connector.

Job market

  1. ING-DiBa AG, Frankfurt
  2. NOW IT GmbH, Hamburg

The ID. Charger will be available in three versions. All versions offer up to 11 kW charging power and have a permanently attached type 2 charging cable. The more expensive models ID. Charger Connect and ID. Charger Pro should be controlled with the smartphone, but the cheapest solution should not.

The ID. Charger Pro, the most expensive model, also offers an integrated electricity meter and enables, for example, billing of electricity costs for company car drivers.

Volkswagen green electricity

Volkswagen also offers its own green electricity range. With Elli, the group has founded an electricity provider that only markets green electricity from renewable sources such as hydropower plants. Elli is also expected to drive the expansion of charging points at VW employee parking lots from the current 1,000 to more than 5,000 stations and to equip all 4,000 dealers and service partners of the company in the EU with several charging options.

Online sale of the Wallbox starts

The basic version can now be installed if required on-line be booked, the assembly is carried out with certified electrical engineering companies. The prices for ID. Charger Connect and ID. Charger Pro are also certain. The Connect should cost 599 euros, the Pro 849 euros. Nor can they be pre-ordered yet.

Volkswagen plans to launch almost 75 electric car models across the Group by 2030.

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