“If Care is Not Taken to Vaccination, We May Turn to Closure”


Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit warned citizens about the long-term symptoms of COVID-19 and the Delta variant. Yiyit, who called everyone to be vaccinated, stated that if the necessary sensitivity is not shown, we may enter the closure process again.

With delta variant cases becoming more frequent, concerns about the pandemic have increased. Although we try to forget, COVID-19, which reminds itself again with this variant, started to annoy citizens with the thought that it could stop the normalization process. Recently, a warning statement came from a member of the scientific board on the subject.

Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit reminded that the only way to fight the Delta variant is vaccination. If sensitivity is not shown in this matter that we may have to go through the closing process again Expressing that, Yiyit urged citizens to be fully vaccinated.

Long symptoms of COVID-19, which also affects young people, last for months

prof.  dr.  nurettin yiyit

prof. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit, explaining how risky the Delta variant is, stated that Turkey is increasing the number of cases with this variant day by day.Great courage from those who don’t want to be vaccinated. There is a new danger for our country, the Delta variant. If we don’t enter the fall with our double dose vaccinations, we may have to go back to the restricted life. Missing vaccination is an invitation for mutations.” Yiyit, who made his statements, said that now the probability of being targeted by young people has increased.

prof. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit explained that studies have found that the long-term damage of COVID-19 can continue even after 7 months. According to the study, thousands of people who fell ill with COVID-19, It carries 66 of the 203 symptoms after 7 months. While the symptoms affect 10 different organs, the most common ones are mental problems, fatigue and weakness.

This long-term condition is observed in 86% of patients. Although long-term symptoms of COVID-19 are most 40-49 age range Although it affects young people, the incidence is not low at all. prof. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit warns those who are not vaccinated with these words: “All this shows that the ‘Nothing will happen to me’ attitude is very wrong. You can get over the disease, but after getting over it, it’s like living with these complaints for a long time. Seeing these Not getting vaccinated is really an act of courage.

Delta variant on the rise in Turkey

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Nurettin Yiyit repeated the importance of vaccines in defeating the Delta variant with the following statements: “Delta variant increases proportionally among hospitalized patients. Ten percent of the patients hospitalized in our own hospital are patients infected with the Delta variant. We see that the majority of them are generally unvaccinated groups. The second group is people who have been vaccinated but have not yet completed their vaccination schedule. In other words, the group that got the disease after a dose or the group that has had the second dose and hasn’t had enough time yet.”

“There is a very small group of people who get two doses of vaccine and get the disease. These are usually Those who have inactivated virus vaccine and have not yet had their third dose. These numbers actually show that; If we do not want to see this as a danger, if we do not want that movie to be brought back to life, we need to complete our vaccination schedule, which was shaped by the recommendations of the Scientific Committee, as soon as possible. Right now, we have to have our vaccinations, provide adequate immunity and enter autumn that way. Otherwise, we will go back to the beginning and go back to those forbidden, limited, separate days from our work and school..”

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