iGalaxy S22 Pro Max [Video]

A designer named 4RMD thought what would happen if Samsung and Apple developed a joint phone and shared his ideas as a digital concept smartphone. Introducing the Samsung Apple co-production concept smartphone: iGalaxy S22 Pro Max.

some of us”iPhone is better“some of us”Samsung Galaxy is better“Even though we say, it’s a fact that Apple and Samsungis in the position of two brands that dominate and lead the smartphone industry. So what would be the outcome if these two companies decided to launch a joint smartphone in order to dominate the industry?

Designer 4RMD asked himself this question and said ‘iGalaxy S22 Pro Max‘ concept created. In terms of design Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with iPhone 12 Pro MaxThe concept smartphone, which is a mixture of ., carries traces of the design language of both Apple and Samsung. Whether the result will please Apple or Samsung fans is up to you, our readers.

igalaxy s22 pro max

The iGalaxy S22 Pro Max largely references Samsung in screen design and bids farewell to notches. punch-hole screen (Infinity-O) adopts the design. Samsung’s latest AMOLED Despite its perforated screen design, the smartphone with a screen Face ID him the ultrasonik Touch ID Offers biometric security.

When we turn the back of the device, it looks like Samsung’s Galaxy S21 family. camera design We see. There is an Apple logo in the middle of the device; At the bottom is the Samsung logo. Meanwhile, the concept smartphone is similar to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. with flat frames Let me also point out.

igalaxy s22 pro max konsepti

So what features will the iGalaxy S22 Pro Max offer users? 4RMD device Apple A15 Bionic will get power from the processor, 16 GB RAMstates that it will come up with 1 TB of internal storage. 108 MP ana kamera The concept smartphone, which also offers features such as 100X zoom and 100X zoom, is on the front. 40MP selfie camera gives place.

5.000 mAh The most striking feature of the concept, which has a very large battery like operating system preference to have the feature. So the concept smartphone was created by Apple fans. iOSby Samsung fans One UI can be used with. So let’s leave the last word to you; Would you like Samsung and Apple to develop a joint smartphone?

iGalaxy S22 Pro Max concept video

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