Ikea hacks: IoT fine dust sensor and air purifier with CO2 traffic light


At Ikea you can always find surprisingly cheap products that invite you to hack: the air purifier Sensible for example, who is just waiting to be controlled with our CO₂ traffic light. So it only runs when it is necessary and offers a remedy for bad air. The air quality is determined with the gas sensor BME680.

Or the cheap particulate matter sensor Wind direction: With an ESP8266 board and a few soldered connections, it becomes a real IoT sensor that can be used to record and monitor dust exposure. We save and visualize the data on the Adafruit IO IoT service. In total, this project costs only 15 euros.

We look at housing construction – whether constructed with multiplex or digitally planned with FreeCAD. Many makers still struggle with appealing housing for their own electronics project, and only rarely does a cigar box or cookie jar meet higher aesthetic standards. It is actually very easy to build a stylish housing with multiplex plywood and aluminum strips.

There is more on the subject in issue 5/21 of Make.

Issue 5/21 of Make is available online and at the kiosk. With one of our subscriptions the notebook was already in the mailbox. You can also use the make conveniently as a Order the print version or PDF in the Heise Shop. If you’d rather read Make digitally, you can in our apps for iOS and Android. You can also find the table of contents for Make 5/21 online.

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