Image Allegedly to Belong to the Interface of PlayStation 5


Details about Sony's new generation console PlayStation 5 continues to emerge. Finally, the images claimed to belong to the developer kit of the device were shared. The interface of the device draws attention in the images.

A new era begins in game consoles. Sony and Microsoft Companies are preparing to release their new consoles and information about their consoles continues to be shared. Firstly 4Chan and Reddit Interface images of PlayStation 5 may have appeared in photos seen on platforms such as.

An independent source of images game development Showing his studio. The interface allegedly belongs to the developer kit used by the company seems realistic, but it is beneficial to approach such news as usual.

The new console can come with a not-so-new interface:

ps5 interface

At first glance, the new interface with the current PlayStation 4 There is not a big difference between the interface used in the system. Of course, this interface can be designed in this way, as game developers want to use a familiar interface. Icons, characters and general design the interface not so different.

image When we look closely, we see something quite remarkable. T The logo to the right of the inscription is the Decima Engine logo. This game engine of Hideo Kojima Death stranding and Guerilla Horizon Zero Dawn We know from his games.


Change in PlayStation Twitter Account to PS5 Slogan

The Decima Engine surprise:


Decima Engine The logo may mean that Sony may have used one of the two games mentioned for testing. Another alternative is Horizon Zero Dawn continuation is being developed. The game was highly appreciated, and the studio made very serious gains. Reviews for the game are also pretty good.


Statement about the release date of PlayStation 5 from the developer of God of War

In the console; Other features, like friends, notifications, add-ons, and achievements, which are expected to take place, also appear to be available. Of course, time will show whether this image is real or not. PlayStation 5 What do you think about? Are you going to switch to this console too?

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