Images of Surface Duo 2 Revealed


The images of the new model of Microsoft’s Surface Duo device, which was not successful even though it was talked about a lot, were leaked. It looks like the Surface Duo 2 will come with a triple rear camera setup.

Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first Android phone to become a brand on its own, was one of the most interesting and at the same time unsuccessful devices of 2020. However, Microsoft did not give up and started working on a second foldable device. In addition, although it is months away from its release, images of how the device will look have emerged recently.

Surface Duo 2’nin prototipi Images of a device thought to be The triple rear camera setup of the device, which does not contradict the previous claims in terms of features, attracted attention.

Here are the leaked images of the Surface Duo 2:

According to the images, the new Surface Duo will have 2 separate screens, staying true to the design of the previous model. One of the most different features of the device with the foldable tablet image will be the rear camera setup. The first Surface Duo had one main camera and had a single lens. In the new model, as we can see from the images triple rear camera setup will be. The 2 lenses other than the main camera will be the telephoto lens and the ultra-wide lens.

The module with the camera setup looks pretty big. In this section covered with black glass, there is an LED light source and a part that can be used for autofocus.

Other features that we can remove from the skin are the location of the USB-C port and the fingerprint reader. Fingerprint sensor, apparently power button will be included. The USB-C port will be centered on the side of the device.


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There are 2 color options in the images, black and white. Of course, this can be added later. New Surface Duo 2, according to rumors With Snapdragon 888 processor and 5G support will come together. The model, whose price is expected to be a little saltier than the previous model, It will likely be released in October.

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