Images Showing Ingenuity’s First Flight Shared


The moments that the Ingenuity helicopter made history, which successfully took off and landed on Mars, were shared by NASA in high quality. Images were taken from the Mastcam-Z cameras of the Perseverance spacecraft.

NASA has achieved great success in live broadcasting with the whole world in recent weeks. Launched from the world in July 2020 in a live broadcast watched by millions of people. Perseverance spacecraft and its Ingenuity helicopter successfully landed on the Martian surface. In the following days, clear images and sounds from Mars were released, the Perseverance vehicle made its way on the surface.

But one of the most important goals of the mission was, of course, the Ingenuity helicopter. This helicopter with a successfully completed mission the first aircraft to fly on another planet would be. That mission, which would normally be done last week, was carried out on live broadcast, which was watched by millions again today, and the helicopter successfully took off, stayed in the air for a while and landed again.

Ingenuity’s historical moments were shared with high-quality footage:


The Ingenuity spacecraft, which made its name in the history of space, rose up to 3 meters after its engines were started and For 40 seconds remained in the air. These moments of the spacecraft were just shared in high quality from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory official Twitter account. The shared video features all the moments when the helicopter made history.