Images Showing the Dimensions of the Lodos Disaster [Video]

The southwestern storm, which the meteorology has been warning about for days, paralyzed life in the western parts of our country. The storm, which affected a large part of our country, especially Istanbul and Izmir, caused a giant clock tower in Istanbul to be destroyed.

The General Directorate of Meteorology (MGM) has recently had a storm warning. The storm coming from the west as of the night hours caused a disaster during the day. from all over Turkey with the creepy imagesUnfortunately, there are also our citizens who lost their lives and were injured.

One of the cities most affected by the storm, İstanbul‘NS. The southeastern storm, which is much more effective in certain parts of the city, caused trees and electricity poles to fall, roofs to fly, sea floods and even overturning of trucks led to However, the biggest of all was the clock tower at the entrance of the Free Zone in Çatalca. severe storm, giant clock tower destroyed in seconds.

The clock tower, which collapsed in front of the citizens in Istanbul, was viewed like this:

The southeastern storm in Istanbul, transportation also directly affected. Among the information received, it is stated that there are disruptions in the aircraft traffic of the planes at Istanbul Airport. In addition, sea transportation is also disrupted due to the southeastern region. On the other hand; Around Pendik and Kocaeli some fishing boats sank information is coming.

southwest in Istanbul

Meanwhile, the storm does not only affect Istanbul. Blood-curdling images continue to be shared from all over the country, especially in Izmir.

The video below shared by DHA includes images taken by citizens living in Istanbul:

Moments when a clock tower fell in Avcılar:

Another view is from a street in Bursa…

The falling moments of the glass balcony in a building in Izmir:

The moments showing the severity of the storm in Izmir Bay were recorded as follows:

Images of trucks overturned in Istanbul:

Again in Istanbul, the roof of a building flies as if it were a model house and made of cardboard: