Images Showing the Moments of the Thermal Power Plant Burning in Muğla

Even though we were relieved a bit with the change of wind direction this morning, the fire in Muğla unfortunately reached the thermal power plant. Videos from the region show what happened at the power plant moment by moment.

The fire in Milas, which has been warned many times that it will reach Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant for days, unfortunately finally reached the power plant at night. Even though the fire moved towards the opposite direction of the power plant from time to time with the effect of the wind, the distance was eventually closed. Flames are showing themselves at the power plant right now.

The most important agenda of Turkey at the moment is what happens at the power plant momentarily. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, in his statement, explosive and flammable materials are discharged had explained. However, he stated that a large amount of coal reserves are still in the power plant. Videos shared on social media and by news organizations show the current sad state of the plant.

It was announced with this video that the flames came to the power plant: