IMM Brings Regulations to Rental E-Scooters


At the meeting held by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center the previous day (August 27), it was decided to introduce new regulations for electric scooters. Among the decisions are that those under the age of 15 cannot rent and the speed limit is reduced to 15 km.

Electricity, which we are accustomed to see in almost every corner of Istanbul, especially on the coastlines. new regulations were introduced to scooters. One of the important agenda items of the meeting held by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center the previous day (August 27) was e-scooters.

52 thousand 177 of the permission requests made by 12 rental companies for a total of 61 thousand 422 e-scooters were approved. Except for Şile and Çatalca There were applications for all districts of Istanbul, including

Restrictions have been made to the areas where e-scooters can be parked:


At the meeting, a decision was made on the areas where e-scooters can be parked. According to the decision, within 100 meters of the Presidency buildings, within 10 meters of the borders of military security and forbidden zones, within 20 meters of the buildings belonging to the security units, the buildings of the diplomatic representatives and the entrance and exit gates of the prisons, to the walls of palaces and pavilions, to the historical walls and gates, entrances and exits of health institutions, entrances and exits of schools, entrances and exits of fire departments, entrances and exits of public buildings, pedestrian crossings, ramps for the disabled, on disabled roads, public transportation stops and fire hydrants. E-scooter parking is prohibited.

According to the news of Fatma Aksu from Hürriyet newspaper, 25 kilometers was previously determined for E-scooters. to increase the speed limit to 15 kilometers It was decided to do the study. While the decision was taken, the speed limit was 15 in Moscow and Tokyo; It was stated that there are 20 kilometers in Paris, Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm and London, 16 kilometers in Washington, 25 kilometers in Helsinki and Rome.

The opening fee will not exceed the price of 2 full electronic tickets:

electric scooter istanbul

According to other decisions, the starting fee of the e-scooter sharing system will not exceed 2 full electronic tickets and the per minute usage fees will not exceed 1 full electronic ticket. The opening fee cannot be less than 1/3 of 1 full electronic ticket, and the per minute usage fee cannot be less than 1/6 of 1 full electronic ticket. At the meeting, regarding the usage fee of the ministry, may impose a floor and/or ceiling fee schedule. was also stated.

According to the UKOME decision, the foot part of the e-scooters will be made of non-slip rubber or similar durable material. And also reflective on the front and back sides, It was also decided to have stimulating areas-strips.

Each e-scooter will have a distinctive code:

electric scooter

Decisions include letters and numbers with a minimum height of 3.5 cm on the front, side and rear of each e-scooter, written in black on a white backgroundThere is also the requirement that there be a unique, distinctive code for that vehicle.

In addition to these decisions, there is no advertisement in e-scooters, Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to rent., e-scooters It was decided not to enter the tram and metrobus roads.


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