Immortals Fenyx Rising alluded to: Divine Gaga counterpart to Assassin’s Creed


How is Ubisoft pronounced correctly? Zeus as the omnipotent super god should actually know – but instead of telling us, he prefers to crack a few jokes with a more or less French accent. While we’re walking around on his head in Immortal’s Fenyx Rising.

In the action game by Ubisoft Zeus is a central point of contact, in the truest sense of the word: the Father of God stands in the middle of the world as a huge stone monument, on whose skull we can teleport – to then have a more or less funny chat.

Immortals may at first glance be set in the same ancient Greece as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The game is even being made by the same Ubisoft team in Quebec that was responsible for Odyssey. However, Immortals will not be a seriously epic adventure in which the fight between assassins and crusaders is about.

Instead, as the heroic young demigoddess named Fenyx, we can see to it that a monster named Typhon comes back into its cage before it does any serious damage. Typhon comes from Greek mythology – just like many other elements in Immortals.

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Humor obviously plays a big role: In addition to Zeus, storytellers in the background (among whom Zeus could be, we’re not that sure about that) joked about fantasy action games and similar things. There are also missions that are roughly named “Fan Service” wear and thus also take reference to nerd stuff.

When playing we were able to defend ourselves against enemies with the sword of Achilles, the hammer of Hephaestus and the bow of Odysseus – including cyclops and minotaurs as well as numerous other figures from ancient mythology.

Similar to Assassin’s Creed, we control the main character Fenyx from the shoulder perspective, there are also other similarities – for example in terms of the overview map and some of the menus. And: Similar to the adventure series, we can take care of the main story, i.e. the thing with Typhon – or we can explore the world freely, collect items and take on secondary tasks.

For example, we should rekindle the forge fire of Hephaestus – among other things, god of blacksmithing. This is a huge factory with several ventilation exits the size of a football field.

And that was exactly what was clogged up by a kind of nasty slime – which is probably quite important in the whole game. So we went, killed a couple of intermediate bosses and then in or on the actual forge one of the giant combat robots (type: “Atmos Mechanikos”), who seem to make up a large part of the opponents in the vicinity of Hephaestus.

The world of Immortals consists of several large areas that can be freely traveled from the start. We were only in the forge area of ​​Hephaestus.

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