Important Statement Regarding the Regulation on Cryptocurrencies

Some statements were made about the government’s regulation on cryptocurrency markets. According to the statements made by a senior name to Bloomberg, the Turkish government focuses on a few main issues for the cryptocurrency markets. These matters are of a kind that will protect the investor.

Cryptocurrencies, which have become one of the most talked about investment tools of recent times, recently Turkish government well mobilized. An article published in the Official Gazette in the past weeks circular was described as the government’s first step in dealing with crypto assets. According to this circular, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment would not be available.

we share our news with you in the past days, the money is the number one name in Turkey Central Bank Governor Şahap Kavcıoğlufrom the statements of the regulation on cryptocurrencies we mentioned. According to these statements, the relevant regulation will be completed within a few weeks. For now regulatory Although the details are not known, a news in Bloomberg reveals what the regulation may involve that will affect the crypto money markets.

Different alternatives to regulation are emphasized


According to statements made by a senior official, government officials are focusing on several alternatives. The first of these is to cryptocurrency exchanges. Takasbank like creating an institution, to limit the operation of crypto currency exchange serving in Turkey. These exchanges allow citizens to only buy and sell, they will not be able to have a say in different savings. Thus, the investment of the citizen will be protected.


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However, one of the issues that the Turkish government cares about is about capitals. Especially in the past week, THODEXAfter the collapse of cryptocurrency exchanges such as VeBitcoin and Sistemcoin, it revealed the fact that such formations can be established with very small capital. Here are the government officials, taking firm steps on this issue in order to establish a stock exchange. should have almost as much capital as a bank trying to stipulate. It is even stated that banks can also allow cryptocurrency trading in this regard.


The government’s thoughts on cryptocurrencies are not limited to these. Again, as we can see in the example of THODEX, the name behind such a complex structure is the education level. high school dropout was someone. According to the senior official, the government wants to be clear about this as well and prevent anyone who comes to it from establishing an exchange. That’s why the education level requirement of similar situations It is stated that it can be created.

In the last statements made on the subject, no explanation was made regarding the content of the regulation. In other words, if and only if there is an official development on this subject from government officials an explanation needs to be made. However, the senior official who spoke to Bloomberg also gives important clues on the subject and gives a brief summary of what we may encounter in the coming days.

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