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Business Chat, developed by Apple, helps connect customers with companies via messaging. As an expert in matters Conversational Commerce is a verified messaging service provider for Apple Business Chat. The all-rounder among messengers is still not recognized in Europe.

It is not always easy to make direct contact with a company of your choice in an uncomplicated way. You are chased through hotlines or only receive automatically generated answers to emails, often combined with a request for patience – which is hardly satisfactory. In large corporations in particular, customers are often only “paying” numbers. Such processes have little to do with customer service or customer loyalty. Statistics even show that poor customer service leads 92 percent of people to switch providers (regardless of the product).

Messaging: Implementing the best possible customer approach

“Nobody wants to be one among many. What companies in the digital age urgently need to focus on is: the customer. The Apple Business Chat can make all the difference in the optimal customer approach. Customer Centricity is the keyword, ”explains Henning von Krosigk, Key Account Manager at in Germany. With Apple’s Business Chat, customers can contact a company via iMessage – and these in turn respond individually to their customers’ concerns. That means: full concentration on the customer and his needs – customer centricity.

Messaging: Apple Business Chat as an all-in-one solution

The Apple Business Chat enables large and medium-sized consumer brands all over the world to look after their customers interactively and securely, to make individual appointments around the Improve customer service, and complete purchases with Apple Pay. The special feature is: The customer does not have to switch between different messaging services as usual.

Rather, everything takes place within a single message channel, from the first contact to support with the product search and the transmission of shipping options to the final purchase. And everything digital. In contrast to other messaging services, Apple offers a complete mapping of the customer journey in just one chat.

Apple Business Chat supports companies with customer communication. (Image:

Interactive customer experience with Apple Business Chat through

Apple’s Business Chat was launched in Germany in October 2018. Media such as the Tagesschau, the NDR or the Postillon reach 15 million active Apple users with the service. In October 2019, added Apple Business Chat to its portfolio of messaging services, offering a seamless and interactive experience between customers and companies.

“Communicate at eye level. This is the be all and end all for good customer service. By communicating with a company using a messenger service such as Apple Business Chat, the productivity of all customer communication and thus also customer satisfaction is significantly increased, ”Henning von Krosigk is convinced.

With the integration of intelligent automation and chatbots, companies can avoid queues and waiting times at customers – the perfect solution for those who interact with consumers on a daily basis. Vodafone, for example, was one of the first companies in Germany to integrate Apple’s business chat into their customer communications.

Tap not Type – intuitive handling

To start a conversation using Apple Business Chat, customers can tap the messages icon on a brand’s website, in their iOS app, through their email, or even directly from iOS search. As soon as a user in iOS 13 taps on the option to call a company that supports business chat, iOS offers the suggestion to start this instead. If the user decides to do so, a conversation with the brand’s customer service department opens immediately in the Messages app and the customer conversation can begin. Media like the Tagesschau, for example, work with an active flow of information and send relevant content to their readers via notifications in real time.