In future, the Swiss COVID certificate will also be valid in the EU and vice versa

In future, the Swiss COVID certificates will be accepted in the EU under the same conditions as the EU digital COVID certificate. The decision that has now been passed by the EU Commission will come into force tomorrow, July 9th. At the same time, Switzerland has agreed to accept the EU’s digital COVID certificate for trips to Switzerland.

The agreement on the free movement of persons between the EU and Switzerland does not contain any mechanism for adopting Union legal acts. The Commission therefore had to take a separate decision (PDF) so that Swiss COVID certificates could be recognized in the EU. The Covid certificate documents a Covid 19 vaccination, a previous illness or a negative test result.

EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders welcomed the decision by the Swiss authorities to introduce a system based on the EU’s digital COVID certificate. This means that the certificate will not only facilitate freedom of movement within the EU, but also between the EU and Switzerland. Holders of a Swiss certificate can be Swiss citizens, EU citizens and third-country nationals who legally reside or reside in Switzerland.

The Swiss government – the Federal Council – decided last week to introduce a “data-minimized certificate light” and thus adapted the legal basis for the ordinance on Covid certificates. With the help of the “COVID Certificate” app, owners of Covid certificates should be able to generate a copy without health data from July 12th. The EU certificate has been valid throughout the EU since the beginning of this month.


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