In this way, retailers can keep an eye on all advertising events in 2022


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For good business, the year 2022 has a large number of sales promotion opportunities in store that retailers should take advantage of. The “Advertising Moments 2022” calendar from eBay Ads provides valuable help.

From the Olympics in Beijing to school enrollment to Cyber ​​Week 2022: For a successful business, the 2022 calendar year has a large number of sales-promoting events in store that retailers should take advantage of. The eBay Ads “Advertising Moments 2022” calendar that has now been published offers valuable support. With the practical annual overview, dealers and companies can keep an eye on all relevant trade fairs, events and other sales promotion opportunities. In addition, demand peaks are displayed in numerous product categories on In this way, retailers can integrate the advertising events that are relevant to them into their seasonal marketing activities at an early stage and in a targeted manner.

Sales promotion: Implementation of targeted advertising activities

As a loyal companion to the marketing year 2022, the eBay Ads calendar provides numerous insights into the demand highlights of the year and sales-boosting advertising moments in relevant areas such as motors, electronics, clothing & accessories as well as home and garden. Dealers and brands are thus given the opportunity to implement targeted advertising activities, for example with eBay ads extended beta for the peaks and occasions shown, in addition to the permanent advertising background noise. The eBay Ads calendar “Advertising Moments 2022” can be viewed Dealers free of charge as a pdf filei download. It can be printed out in A3 format (or larger) and helps retailers to stay up to date with all advertising planning for sales promotion.

With the campaign type launched in 2021 View AdvancedBeta eBay Ads offers dealers privileged access to the very visible and sales-promoting top placement in the search results on Targeted keyword targeting and the setting of a maximum daily budget are also made possible. At the start of 2022, eBay Ads is now presenting numerous new functions for more visibility and additional control options. With the new features, merchants and brands can now more efficiently create and optimize their Ads ExtendedBeta campaigns to further boost sales on eBay.

sales promotion
The relevant advertising moments for sales promotion in 2022. (Graphic: eBay Ads)

What’s New in Ads EnhancedBeta to promote sales

These new features take Ads Extended Beta campaigns to a new level of sales promotion. By the way, further updates and extensions for this campaign type are planned for the coming weeks and months.

  • Insights into monthly search volume for recommended keywords: Merchants and brands can easily use the recommended keywords when creating Ads Advanced Beta campaigns. In addition, you now get an overview of how often potential buyers* have searched for the respective term on eBay in the last 30 days. Based on this, they can efficiently select the best keywords.
  • Download campaign reports bundled: Retailers and brands now have a direct link to the reports tab in their advertising cockpit to evaluate their campaigns. Here you can download or plan your reports in bulk. These are available per seller account and for multiple campaigns at the same time.
  • New tab for negative keywords: When retailers and brands set bids on their keywords, they now see all negative keywords in a separate tab.
  • Number of negative keywords per ad group: The overview page now also shows the number of all negative keywords per ad group. This gives retailers and brands a good overview of their entire ad campaign – and they can check all the details before they start.

Additional functions: More keywords and offer filtering according to shop categories

  • Expanded scope for keywords: When creating their campaigns, retailers and brands will now see more keywords at the same time. eBay Ads has expanded the field of view in the “Select keywords” section for this purpose. This saves advertisers time when identifying keywords and competitive bids for their campaigns.
  • Hide items that are no longer available: Retailers and brands can no longer add offers to their ad groups that are no longer available in their inventory.
  • ad groups – Number of matching offers when selected by filter: When retailers and brands add offers to an ad group, they can see at a glance how many of their offers match the filter. This makes it easier to find suitable offers and create effective ad groups.
  • Filter offers by individual shop categories: Dealers and brands with their own eBay shop and their own shop categories can now filter their offers with their category structure in order to create effective advertising campaigns. When grouping similar offers, they can be directly provided with the same keywords and bids.

Sales promotion: Schoenberger Group relies on new campaign type

Increased visibility in search results through Ads AdvancedBeta has a positive impact on business success. This is also shown by the first completed campaigns on The Schoenberger Group, for example, brought in additional sales with its web shop At the end of 2021, the new campaign type Ads Extended Beta will be used. So she could Schoenberger Group its turnover for the products advertised on eBay in the campaign mix of Ads Standard and Ads ExtendedBeta by 35 percent compared to the pure Ads Standard campaigns. And was able to double the conversion rate (+100 percent) and increase the click rate (CTR) by ten percent.

eBay Ads with the global online marketplace is one of the widest-reaching online marketers in Germany. Advertisers and sales partners are offered a combination of high reach, targeted addressing and attractive forms of online marketing. In addition to a wide range of placement options and targeting options, eBay Ads also offers strategic partnerships. (sg)

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