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  • According to a new study by the coupon platform BravoGutschein German consumers rank third among the smartest buyers in the world.
  • France is the top country of clever consumers, Poland comes in last in the ranking.
  • fashion and lifestyle are the most popular categories for offers and discounts.

BravoGutschein’s “Smart Shopper Index 2021” represents a global ranking of the countries in which consumers are the smartest with their spending and savings. The French consumers lead the index while Polish consumers bring up the rear. The study analyzed some consumption habits, such as household savings and debt, purchase considerations, total expenditure in relation to cost of living and expenditure on food in relation to cost, in all OECD countries with available data and summarized these in a points-based index to find out which countries have the smartest consumers.

Smart Shopper: Germans lagging behind on grocery spending

German consumers come in third place for general cleverness and first place for household savings, as the data say they set aside 11 percent of their disposable income for the future. Although the study shows them wise spending habits in general, German consumers fall behind in 17th place on the index when it comes to grocery spending in relation to cost.

Consumer data on online searches confirm this behavior, as food and drink only ranks fifth in the most searched shopping category, far below the search traffic for lifestyle and fashion brands. The most sought-after brand in the savings sector by Germans is Otto, a large online retailer for fashion and lifestyle, while not a single grocery brand is in the top five. When it comes to the number of searches adapted to the size of the population, Germans search twelve million times a month for bargains, only half as often as the French and British.

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The top brands on Google searches for bargains. (Graphic: BravoGutschein)

France is number one in smart shopping

According to the new index, France tops the list of smart shoppers, with the highest score on the scale of prudent purchases and a total score of 421. The French are also third in household savings, behind Germany and the Netherlands. In second place, with 312 points just behind the front runner, is Ireland due to the wisdom of its consumers with general expenses and especially food expenses.

Germany achieved third place with 288 points, with German households showing the highest savings among the OECD countries analyzed. Fourth place is held by the USA with its great propensity for saving and generally clever purchasing behavior, and with fifth place and a top ranking in terms of total spending in relation to the cost of living, Norway makes the top five of the countries.

Smart Shopper Bravo voucher
Smart Shopper Index 2021: Ranking of the countries from 1st to 13th place (Graphic: BravoGutschein)

The most popular brands and shopping categories for smart shoppers

The study revealed a positive correlation between search behavior and smart shopping in terms of Google search data in seven of the largest markets, namely United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA, Italy, Spain and Poland. Accordingly, fashion is the top category in four of the seven countries analyzed, including Germany, when it comes to shopping for bargains and discounts. Overall, the fashion trade leads the ranking of the five most popular brands among clever consumers.

Online fashion retailers such as Zalando and Asos are in second and fourth place in Germany, the retail chain Kohl’s in second place in the USA, Asos and the sports chain JD in fourth and fifth place in the United Kingdom, respectively. Beauty brands are also popular with German consumers, which puts the cosmetics chains Douglas in third place and Flaconi in fifth place.

Smart Shopper Bravo voucher
The Smart Shopper Index 2021 provides an overview of the volume of savings-related search queries in the seven largest markets. (Graphic: BravoGutschein)

Important factors for cleverness when shopping

Marco Farnararo, CEO of BravoGutschein, comments: “What consumers consider smart shopping differs from country to country, and our study examines how various factors influence overall shopping cleverness. While online searches tell us a lot, a variety of variables play a role, especially when looking at spending versus cost or household savings. It is interesting that although many shoppers are largely looking in traditional bargain categories such as fashion and lifestyle, other categories have increased in interest due to the pandemic, such as food delivery services, craft supplies and even games. “