India Changes Dragon Fruit’s Name With Kamalam


After long-standing tension between India and China, the Prime Minister of the Indian State of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani, decided to replace the dragon fruit’s name with Kamalam as it evokes China. The new decision became the subject of humor in social media.

As you know, the dragon, A symbol of the Chinese Empire and has a legendary place in Chinese mythology. Dragon fruit, a fruit native to Central America, named after dragon scale-like outer shell and the fruit has recently been cultivated in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Gujarati Prime Minister Vijay Rupani made a new change to address the growing tension between India and China. Rupani, named after the fruit known as dragon fruit, replacing it with kamalam, which means lotus flower explained.

After the tension, the fruit was asked not to be associated with China

dragon fruit

To be cultivated in Central America and Although imported from South America Most people found in India associate the dragon fruit with China. Relationship between the two neighbors became increasingly strained as the Chinese army entered the fighting on the Himalayan borders, and Gujarat Prime Minister Rupani associating the most consumed fruit with more China did not want


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The decision to rename the fruit was announced by Rupani on Tuesday. Rupani, instead of calling this fruit dragon Named after the lotus plant, India’s national flower gave. Rupani made the following words in his statement; “The dragon fruit brings to mind China because of its name. That’s why we wanted to call it ‘kamalam’.”

Kamalam was mocked on social media

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After the decision, many Twitter users started to criticize the name of the new fruit in a funny language. On the social media platform, “China: We will take your country. India: We will change the name of your fruit. ” “Fortunately, they just changed the name and we didn’t have to boycott the fruit.” The posts containing the statements were made.