Instagram Announces Feature to Restrict Sensitive Content


Instagram has taken a new step to control the users that sensitive content reaches. Thanks to the new feature of the social media giant, users over the age of 18 will be able to restrict sensitive content to three options.

As with every social media platform, users share and see check the contents it’s not easy. We are constantly seeing new moves from platforms that want to take this situation under control.

As a matter of fact, Instagram today (July 20) announced a feature where users over the age of 18 can control how sensitive content they see. social media giant “Precision Content Control” This feature, which he calls it, will be located in the “Account > Sensitive Content Control” section of the application.

Users are offered three options

instagram sensitive content control

‘Allow’ users who prefer more they will be able to see. ‘Limit’ Users who choose the option can view annoying or offensive content. some of them they will be able to see. ‘More Limit’ Users who choose the the they will see.

Instagram states that this feature will give users more control over the photos and videos they see on the ‘Discover’ page and select ‘Allow’, the app It states that it will not apply to users under the age of 18.

What is sensitive content?

sensitive content instagram

Items referred to as sensitive content mean, according to Instagram: ”Content whose sensitive content does not fundamentally violate our rules, but which is annoying or upsetting to some people You can think of it as Obscene or violent posts are an example of this.


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