Install security update now: Attacks on Google Chrome again


Google warns of attacks on Chrome. The extent of the attacks is currently unknown. A version secured against this has been released.

As can be seen from a security warning, is Chrome 91.0.4472.114 published for Linux, macOS and Windows. As usual, for security reasons, Google does not disclose many details about the closed loopholes.

The exploited vulnerability (CVE-2021-30554) is related to the threat level “highIt affects the WebGL component of the browser for displaying 3D content. Successful attacks are said to lead to memory errors (use after free). This is how malicious code often reaches systems.

In addition, the developers have closed three other vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-30555), CVE-2021-30556, CVE-2021-30557) with the same rating. Malicious code attacks could also occur here. In the recent past, Google has regularly closed loopholes for which exploit code is circulating online.


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