Intel “Alder Lake-S”: Readout tool CPU-Z gets to know Core i9-12900K and Co.


CPU-Z has received an update to version 1.97, with which the development team teaches the popular readout tool how to use the first three processors from Intel’s Alder Lake-S series: Core i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K and Core i5- 12600K. These are the models that are expected to be presented first in October 2021.

That Program CPU-Z reads general data from processors, including information on the product family, number of cores and threads as well as clock frequencies. It also contains data on the mainboard and RAM. Version 1.97 can now also handle DDR5 RAM, its new overclocking profile XMP 3.0 and matching Z690 motherboards with LGA1700 socket. Practical, for example, to check whether RAM settings have been correctly adopted in the UEFI.

A few weeks before Intel’s market launch, the entries for Alder Lake-S are piling up in benchmark databases. At the PC and server distributor Puget Systems with its own benchmark suite, the Core i9-12900K could be found in the meantime, which can be found with the Asus mainboard ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming WiFi and 64 GByte 2400 MHz-RAM, presumably DDR5- 4800, has tested. The entries have now been deleted, but can still be used via the google cache.

The results are only moderately interesting because of too many uncertain variables; rather, it is about the fact that the systems are piling up in the wild. So is in the Geekbench database already has an entry with the Core i7-12700 (without K). Allegedly it uses 8 CPU cores with 16 threads, but it could be a read error in the distribution of fast Golden Cove and more efficient Gracemont cores.


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