Intel company Mobileye tests autonomous vehicles in New York City


Intel and its Israeli subsidiary Mobileye have announced that they will be testing autonomous vehicles in New York City. The traffic conditions and the requirements of the largest city in the USA for self-driving cars should represent a demanding challenge and test of this technology in order to make it ready for series production and usable all over the world in the future.

According to a study, the city of New York did some of the most dangerous, crowded, and poorly maintained roads in the world. Added to this is the unpredictable behavior of pedestrians and cyclists, numerous construction sites and parked vehicles in the second or even third row. The task of the autonomous test vehicles is to recognize all of this and react accordingly.

In addition, New York City has strict rules for self-driving cars. The companies have to apply for a permit, the drivers who sit for safety have to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times and police vehicles have to escort the test car – at the expense of the test company. Mobileye stated that she currently the only company with such a permit are. Police escorts should be loud The Verge not necessary for the tests but the reason for this is not yet known.

Mobileye is initially testing with two autonomous vehicles, but plans to expand the fleet to seven cars in the next few months. One of the self-driving vehicles uses twelve cameras and no other sensors. The other, on the other hand, relies on laser or light technology as well as radio waves (lidar and radar) for its control. Mobileye plans to combine the two systems later this year.

In addition to New York, Mobileye is also testing its autonomous vehicle systems in Israel, Detroit and in Munich. Tokyo, Shanghai and Paris will soon be added as additional test sites.


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