Intel is promoting government aid for semiconductor production


The US company Intel has spoken out in favor of state aid for semiconductor production. “A favorable environment should be created that enables chip manufacturers to be competitive with manufacturing in Europe,” said Germany boss Christin Eisenschmid to the editorial network Germany (Saturday) according to advance notice. Production in Asia is 40 percent cheaper than in Europe. Most of this comes from subsidies, which has been part of the industrial strategy of governments for many years. “A similar funding policy is also essential in order to manufacture more semiconductors in Europe,” Eisenschmid was quoted as saying.

The US group already operates a chip factory in Ireland, is planning another location in Europe and is expecting funding in the billions. Bavaria is hoping to locate a chip factory from the Californian industry giant Intel in the south of the Free State. “The Penzing-Landsberg location and the region as a whole would be ideally suited for the project,” said Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) of the Augsburger Allgemeine (Saturday).

He was able to convince himself of this at an on-site meeting this week and is pleased that the Penzing City Council and Landsberg City Council support such an application. “We are in close contact with the company and will work for the region and the project,” said Aiwanger. “The possible settlement of a large international semiconductor manufacturer in Bavaria is an outstanding opportunity for Bavaria as a business location.”

The project involves an investment of 15 billion euros. The former air base between Penzberg and Landsberg am Lech is one of many possible locations. A decision is expected in the second half of the year.

Today most of the electronic chips are made in Asia. There are currently bottlenecks in chip supply in almost all industries. At the moment, due to digitization, chips are so popular that production is insufficient. In Germany, due to the bottlenecks, car factories repeatedly run short-time working, including production sites for Audi and BMW.


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