Intel to Provide 3D Views at the 2020 Olympics

Intel has become one of the official sponsors for the 2020 Olympics. The company, which will provide technology support to the games, will launch a new system to monitor players and show them on the air.

Intel plans to bring its 3D Athelete Tracking to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Today, the company announced that they will use the tracking system to record athletes at 100 meters of races and other running events and that the system will have 4 cameras. The algorithms will then analyze the biomechanics of the athletes' movements and the images will appear visually on the athletes as they are repeated during the broadcast.

Intel has already made big promises for the 2020 Olympics:


The company is currently working on building a 5G network for use in the Tokyo Olympics. In this context, the chance to see a drone-based light show is quite high. Today, Intel has announced that it is working with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to provide VR training to staff involved in the games. This system will create VR models during combat.


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I5 processors will be used in the systems:

Intel tokyo olympics

Intel, the Olympic systems will use their own Core i5 processors will power. Especially the face recognition systems "NeoFace" will be used to recognize more than 300 thousand people, while the Core i5 processor will provide the infrastructure for this system.

Intel's preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are also of interest to the world of technology. These activities, where sports and technology are carried out together, lead to the introduction of new technologies every year. In the coming days, we will see if Intel can promise to establish the technological infrastructure of the Tokyo Olympics without any problems.