Intelligence Analyst: Amazon is looking for secret analysts against unions


Amazon is looking for some kind of “Intelligence analysts”, the non-publicly available information too “sensitive issues that are strictly confidential, including threats against the company by labor organizations” should collect. That goes from a current one vacancy out that the activist Wolfie Christl first contributed Twitter redistributed.

Job market

  1. Continum AG, Freiburg im Breisgau
  2. BREMER AG, Paderborn

Information on “organized labor, activist groups and hostile political leaders”.

The activity is based in the Amazon Global Security Operations (GSO) division in the Global Intelligence Program (GIP). The team is based in the Phoenix area of ‚Äč‚ÄčArizona, USA.

Analysts would need to be able to create and deliver sophisticated search query sequences that are tailored to different business interests and used to monitor future risks. The direct involvement of business leaders (L6 +) is one of them. Level 6+ means managers in middle positions who want to become senior managers.

The analysts should “Bridge knowledge gaps by engaging with up-to-date subject matter experts on topics that matter to Amazon, including hate groups, political initiatives, geopolitical issues, terrorism, law enforcement and labor organizations”.

Amazon has repeatedly fired workers who criticized working conditions. Support the company “the right of every employee to criticize the working conditions of his employer, but that does not mean blanket immunity against all internal guidelines”.

The termination of Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa, who worked as a user experience designer in Seattle, was due “repeated violation of internal guidelines” he follows. According to the Washington Post, the two developers were involved Amazon Employees for Climate Justice aktiv, a climate protection group that also advocates the protection of warehouse workers.

The strike leader Chris Smalls, who had organized a strike with his colleagues in Staten Island, had previously been dismissed. A spokeswoman said Smalls came to the facility for the strike under quarantine violation after contacting a worker who tested positive for the coronavirus.

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