Interesting Gasoline Description from the Boss of Luxury Cars


Stephan Winkelmann, who heads companies such as Lamborghini and Bugatti, said he believes internal combustion engines should be used as far as they can go.

Volkswagen Group, with the impact of the problems it had previously experienced with regard to exhaust emissions. to electric cars He had made a significant investment. Nevertheless, it is not possible to say that the important names of the company have started to work together for electric cars.

Different under the umbrella of the German company segmentlerden There are also manufacturers. Among these manufacturers Lamborghini and Bugatti brands such as. In general, these vehicles are known for drinking gasoline.

Internal combustion engines as far as they go


The head of Lamborghini and Bugatti Stephan WinkelmannMade important and interesting statements to Top Gear magazine. Talking about the future of automobiles, Winkelmann said. internal combustion engines He said it was in favor of its use as possible. According to the manager, the fact that companies produce in small numbers also ensures that their environmental impact is low.

Not only that Winkelmann’a According to him, less use of these tools is another important factor. Citing an example from the Bugatti Chiron, the manager of luxury companies, a car average 1600 kilometers He also stated that he did.


Bugatti’s New Super Car Revealed

Molsheim and Sant’Agata Bolognese The head of brands does not expect an electric supercar or a hypercar in the foreseeable future. Behind this view is that electric vehicles are not yet sufficiently developed in terms of charging time and performance. It also sees cost and legal regulations as another obstacle.

Lamborghini stepped into its electric field

  Sian FKP 37


Ducati’s motorcycle inspired by Lamborghini: Diavel 1260 Lamborghini

Although Bugatti has not yet entered the electric car field, Lamborghini, Sian FKP 37 He had already taken the first step with. The Aventador-based supercar featured a hybrid engine. Anyway, the aim of the company is to have completely natural ventilation instead of Aventador, hybrid developing a powered V12 car.

Bugatti and Lamborghini had started to work on different models, but both brands pandemic he had to focus on the models they had. However, there will be different cars of both brands in the future.

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