Interior Minister Requests Vote for Van Lake Photo


The photograph of Lake Van, which reached the finals within the scope of NASA’s “World Tournament”, also mobilized politicians. Authorized institutions in our country with many political figures, especially the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, called the citizens to vote for the photograph of Lake Van.

The Van Lake photograph, photographed within the scope of a competition named “World Tournament” initiated by NASA, has managed to stand out in the previous stages and reached the finals. With a very short time to the end of the vote, from politicians Explanations on the subject began to come.

As a matter of fact, calls from both us and other media outlets in our country for the photograph of Lake Van, which made it to the finals in the World Tournament. was made. A new statement on the subject is the Minister of Interior. Suleyman Soylucame from. “With its blue, its nature; Our Lake Van, not only with its uniqueness visible from the earth but also with its beauty seen from space, made it to the finals in NASA’s online competition.Saying Soylu, the citizens also call for voting was found.

Here is Süleyman Soylu’s statement

Süleyman Soylu Lake Van

Of course, Süleyman Soylu was not the only name seeking support for Lake Van. Minister Murat Kurum, National Defense DepartmentÖzlem Zengin, Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Police, AK Party, and Ömer Çelik, the Spokesperson of the Ak Party, shared their social media accounts and asked the citizens to vote for Lake Van. they called.


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In 2016 on the International Space Station (ISS) the shot reveals the tones of Lake Van and is quite impressive. However, the other image that made it to the finals as the rival of Lake Van is not bad. “Stars in MotionThe other finalist named “is a compilation of long exposure photographs taken from ISS.”

If you also want to vote for the Van Lake photo, which made it to the finals of NASA’s World Tournament, here You can use the link found. Voting still continues, but son that you are on the day We would like to specify.