Internet Para Todos Perú: Remote communities in Peru get 4G with Open RAN

Parallel Wireless has installed several hundred virtualized 4G open RAN systems for the network operator Internet Para Todos Perú. This was announced by the US Open RAN company Parallel Wireless announced on March 2, 2020, The joint venture Internet Para Todos Perú was founded in May 2019 by Telefónica, Facebook and the banks IDB Invest and CAF.

Job market

  1. Software AG, Dusseldorf
  2. Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund, Berlin

Internet Para Todos Perú (Internet for everyone) wants to provide people in Peru's remote regions with Internet. So far, the establishment of mobile networks in sparsely populated areas has failed due to high investment and operating costs and the complexity of the network structure.

The Parallel Wireless Open RAN Controller creates an open system of interoperable components for different RAN elements from different providers. According to the company, all new radio modules are automatically configured by the software. The available RAN data are processed by macro and small radio cells. Network operators could cooperate with local companies that specialize in regional network coverage.

Renan Ruiz, Chief Technology Officer of Internet Para Todos Perú, said: "We chose Parallel Wireless Open RAN to reduce the cost of deploying our 5G networks across Latin America by decoupling hardware and software, RAN and core virtualization, and network automation with SON."

Open RAN means virtualized network elements, white box hardware, open source software and standardized interfaces. Proprietary chips are to be largely avoided.

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