Interpretation 35: “The Eye of Sauron”


In episode 35, Joerg and Holger leave the debate about GDPR articles and dare to digress into a current network policy topic: It’s about hate speech, dealing with criminally relevant content in social networks and above all about the Network Enforcement Act (NetzDG). They are expertly accompanied by Dr. Marc Liesching, who researches and teaches as a professor for media theory and media law at the University of Technology, Economics and Culture (HTWK) Leipzig.

Prof. Liesching

Prof. Marc Liesching podcasting in the matter of interpretation

Prof. Liesching and his team published a 400-page NetzDG partial evaluation on March 24th (see show notes). In it, they attest the law, which has been in force since 2018, to lack its purpose and, on the contrary, most likely to cause negative effects, for example over-blocking legally compliant content in social networks.

In the podcast, Prof. Liesching presents the findings in detail and places the NetzDG in the German and European regulatory framework. It is also about the question of the consequences for data protection if the “Act to Combat Right-Wing Extremism and Hate Crime” and the “Act to Change the Network Enforcement Act” (NetzDGĂ„ndG) are planned by the federal government before the federal election in September Kicking power.

Episode 35:

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